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About the Sallie Mae Community

Sallie Mae [+]is a higher education lender. They handle both private and public loans, both need based and credit based. Many college students and graduates make their student loan payments to Sallie Mae every month.

Where to Find the Sallie Mae Community

Sallie Mae [+] doesn’t really have a community, and it’s a shame. They could make a nice community full of information about lending and financial advice for parents and people in college. There is a support area if you need contact them.

News and Updates: Sallie Mae

You’ll have to rely on their social media channels or newsroom to help you get the news you need, because there isn’t a blog or forum on the Sallie Mae website.

Connecting with Sallie Mae on Social Media

Sallie Mae is only on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It doesn’t even appear that they have their own blog.

  • Facebook: [+]Get information about what’s going on with Sallie Mae, when you become a Facebook fan.
  • Twitter:[+]Twitter appears to be a customer service vehicle for Sallie Mae, as tweets suggest they will call within four hours about issues people tweet them.
  • Flickr:Sallie Mae does not have a Flickr channel.
  • YouTube:[+] This is not an official YouTube channel from Sallie Mae, but is an automated by YouTube channel, where you can see how many people are complaining about the service.
  • Tumblr:Sallie Mae does not have an official Tumblr.
  • Sallie Mae Community Blog: Sallie Mae does not appear to have a blog.

Sallie Mae Complaints

There are a lot of complaints about Sallie Mae. Customers have issues with bill payments, payment arrangements, automatic draft and more. They are currently under federal investigation for their lending practices.

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