Publisher’s Clearing House Community Info

About the Publisher’s Clearing House Community

Publisher’s Clearing House (PCH) [+] is a long standing sweepstakes company offering a number of cash prizes every day to people who enter.

You can play online, but you must have an account to participate in the sweepstakes. As such, you must be at least 18 years or older.

Where to Find the Publisher’s Clearing House Community

You’ll find the community at their official site. You’ll be able to play games and create your profile there.

News and Updates: Publisher’s Clearing House

Find news and updates for PCH on their official blog and throughout their social media channels.

Connecting with Publisher’s Clearinghouse on Social Media

PCH is actively involved in social media, and as such has accounts with multiple websites.

  • Facebook: [+]Get notified of new games and prizes, as well as access to some Facebook only contests.
  • Twitter:[+]This is basically the blog feed, on Twitter.
  • Flickr:No official Flickr account.
  • YouTube:[+]Catch the surprised winners as PCH shows up on their doorsteps!
  • Tumblr:No official Tumblr account.
  • Publisher’s Clearing House Community Blog:[+] Stay up to date with the latest games and winners.

Publisher’s Clearing House Complaints

There are complaints of scams using the PCH name that have nothing to with PCH.

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