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About Pinterest Community

Pinterest is a photo sharing community that allows users to pin photos. The pinned photos are linked to the original source of the photo. For instance, if a Pinterest user finds a photo of a knitted scarf on a craft blog, they can pin the photo and the photo will link back to the blog.

The Pinterest community is located in the help section of the website[+]. This is the area where Pinterest users can ask questions, search for answers to commonly asked questions and send feedback. When contacting the Pinterest community, you will be sent a response within five minutes of your initial email. If you respond to that email with additional information, the Pinterest community will review the email and send you a personalized response.

Where to Find Pinterest Community

The Pinterest community is available [+]. You have to register for an account using an email address for your Facebook account login before viewing pins. You can use your Facebook login, Twitter login or email address to log in to an account once it is created. The first time you log in with Facebook or Twitter you will have to give Pinterest permission to access those accounts.

News and Updates: Pinterest Community

All news and updates available from the Pinterest community are available on the Pinterest blog. You can access the news portion of the blog[+]. More information is available on Tips[+] and Interviews[+].

Connecting with Pinterest on Social Media

Pinterest is a social media website, but that doesn’t mean they are not willing to share a bit of the company on other websites. Pinterest, understandably, knows just how important social media connections can be for a new, up-start company – that’s why the Pinterest community is spread across several social pages, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Pinterest Complaints

Pinterest complaints on various complaints boards claim unusable accounts, missing pins, hacked accounts and application problems on multiple mobile devices. Customers also have issues with offending photos, including photos containing nudity and injured animals posted on main Pinterest feeds.

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