Freddie Mac Community Info

About the Freddie Mac Community

Freddie Mac[+] is an bank in the mortgage industry, but rather than making loans directly to homeowners, they purchase loans from lenders to keep money flowing freely through the industry.

Where to Find the Freddie Mac Community

Freddie Mac does not have a traditional community where their customers can come together, but they do have plenty of resources for borrowers on their official website. You can also see answers to FAQs.[+]

News and Updates: Freddie Mac

You can find news and updates about Freddie Mac on the company blog and throughout the social media channels.

Connecting with Freddie Mac on Social Media

Freddie Mac has a number of social media accounts to allow people to connect with them, even though they do not provide loans to the direct public.

  • Facebook: [+]This can help you learn more about the company and provide information to help you buy the home that works best for you.
  • Twitter:[+]This is a good resource for people who are looking to purchase a home soon.
  • Flickr:There is no official Flickr stream for Freddie Mac
  • YouTube:[+]This channel is full of information for people who are in the market to purchase a home in the near future.
  • Tumblr:Freddie Mac does not have an official Tumblr.
  • Freddie Mac Community Blog:[+]The Executive blog keeps everyone in the loop about what’s going on with the company.

Freddie Mac Complaints

There are many complaints about this company’s lending practices. They are under scrutiny for not having paid back the money they received from the economic bailout.

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