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About the Facebook Community

Facebook[+] is a social network community that allows users to connect with people they know in real life, as well as make new connections. Users can play games, share photos, and more.

You will have to register for a Facebook account in order to access the Facebook community. You must be at least 13 years of age to do this. Since you can use your Facebook account to login to so many other services online today, you will have to create the original account by hand before you can authorize other applications to use your Facebook login data.

Where to Find the Facebook Community

The Facebook community is located in the help section[+] of the website. This is where users can ask questions, search for answers to frequently asked questions, and contact Facebook support. Since Facebook is so busy, it could take a couple of days before you’ll hear back from anyone, but they will work with you to solve whatever issue it is that you may be having.

News and Updates: Facebook

All news and updates are posted in the Facebook Newsroom. There was a blog, but it is no longer maintained.

Connecting with Facebook on Social Media

Facebook is available on various social media outlets, but it makes the most sense to connect with them directly on Facebook.

  • Facebook: [+]Facebook has their own Facebook page where you can learn about the network and how to use it.
  • Twitter:[+]The Facebook Twitter account is a good place to learn about what’s going on with the network and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Flickr:Facebook is not on Flickr, but users can connect their accounts to Flickr and have their photos backed up there.
  • YouTube:[+]The Facebook YouTube channel shows demos of how to connect your Facebook account to numerous other accounts, and how to use certain features, including Facebook on your mobile device.
  • Tumblr:Facebook is not on Tumblr, but users can connect their accounts.
  • Facebook Community Blog:Facebook does have a blog[+] but it is no longer updated. All new information goes to the Facebook Newsroom[+].

Facebook Complaints

Most of the complaints about Facebook center around hacked accounts, and inability to use some of the features consistently. Sometimes the mobile application doesn’t work correctly, and privacy settings often change without notice as Facebook continues to make adjustments.

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