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About the eBay Community

eBay[+] is an online auction site where people can place items up for bids. In addition to bidding, auction listers can also opt to have their listings set as “buy it now” which allows for a fixed price purchase. You can find nearly anything on eBay, including vehicles, vehicle parts, and land. You must be at least 18 years or older to open an account and to place bids on eBay, as you are legally obligated to purchase the items you bid on, should you win them. The eBay Community is a place where customers can find answers to frequently asked questions, participate in the discussion boards, groups, read buying guides, get access to company announcements, and other community resources, and more.

Where to Find the eBay Community

The eBay Community [+] is on a subdomain of the official eBay site. You will have to sign in to your eBay account in order to use all the features of the community.

News and Updates: eBay

You can get news and updates about eBay in the company blog, in the announcement section of the community, and across the various social media channels.

Connecting with eBay on Social Media

eBay has a number of active social media accounts for their customers to use to connect with them.

  • Facebook: [+]Find out more about the special promotions and contests going on at eBay, and see items for sale.
  • Twitter:[+]Find out more about the special promotions and contests going on at eBay, and see items for sale.
  • Flickr:There is no official Flickr account for eBay.
  • YouTube:[+]This channel highlights how to use eBay and highlights businesses that use eBay.
  • Tumblr:[+]This Tumblr highlights items available for auction on eBay.
  • eBay Community Blog:[+]This blog keeps you up to date with everything going on in the eBay community and with the eBay website itself.

eBay Complaints

Most of the complaints have to do with the fact that sellers are not holding up their end of the bargain and customers are tired of having to wait extended periods of time to have eBay address the situation. Some people are complaining about their seller accounts being closed despite positive feedback.

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