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About the American Express Community

American Express[+] is a major banking institution in the United States and globally. In addition to credit cards, they offer savings accounts and certificates of deposit, business credit cards, and prepaid credit cards.

You have to be 18 years old to apply for credit with American Express, or to use one of their prepaid products. You do not have to be that old to use one of their gift card products. You do not have to be a customer to make use of the American Express Community.

Where to Find the American Express Community

You can find the American Express Community at their website here[+].

News and Updates: American Express

News and updates come on social media channels, as there does not appear to be an official blog for American Express.

Connecting with American Express on Social Media

American Express is active on many social media channels, where you can connect with them regardless of your status as a customer.

  • Facebook: [+]Become a Facebook fan to find out what’s going on with the company, the various offers and deals, and reach out to them to find out answers to your questions. This is an excellent supplement to the American Express Community.
  • Twitter:[+]Find out what’s going on with the company, learn more about their promotions, and get financial education on Twitter. You can also reach out to them with general questions for customer service. Just be sure you never disclose any personal account information over social media channels.
  • Flickr:American Express does not have an official Flickr.
  • YouTube:[+]The American Express YouTube channel highlights how using American Express can bring your entertainment
  • Tumblr:American Express does not have an official Tumblr.
  • American Express Community Blog:There is no official American Express blog.

American Express Complaints

Many people complain about American Express changing their credit limit (lowering it) without notice or warning, causing problems with their businesses. Many customers are upset about the additional credit inquiry used to determine the new limit, as well.

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