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About the Adobe Community

Adobe is a major software giant that creates industry standard software across many industries including web and graphic design, application development, audio and video technology, and social media marketing, print design.

You will have to register for an account on the Adobe website to use the community services. You do not have to be an Adobe customer in order to utilize this feature. If you do not want to create an account, you can sign with your Facebook credentials, by authorizing it with Facebook from within your account.

Where to Find the Adobe Community

The Adobe community is available to help people with issues with any of the Adobe products. Customers can get support, ask questions, and participate in products specific forums. Users can find international forums and a variety of language specific forums to suit their needs.

News and Updates: Adobe

You can find Adobe news and updates across their social media channels and on the company blog.

Connecting with Adobe on Social Media

Adobe uses multiple social media channels to strengthen their community. Connect with them where you most often use social media to stay up to date.

  • Facebook: [+]Become a Facebook fan to learn more about what’s going on with Adobe and products. Connect with other enthusiasts and more.
  • Twitter:[+]Follow Adobe on Twitter to learn more about the latest product updates and find useful information.
  • Flickr:[+]Adobe does not have an official Flickr account, but you can publish work from certain programs directly to your own Flickr account.
  • YouTube:[+]Adobe has multiple product-specific YouTube channels to help you find tutorials and information on the products you are most interested in.
  • Tumblr:[+]Adobe uses Tumblr to share inspiring images, and invites their community members to do the same.
  • Adobe Community Blog:[+]Adobe has multiple blogs to help you keep up with each product, along with company happenings.

Adobe Complaints

The majority of complaints have to do with the fact that Adobe recently had a major security breach. Other than that, they tend to be about software updates and how they don’t really work to fix the issues, or slow down the program. Many people complain about the high price of “quality” products, while indicating they are not the quality they claim to be. SOme people complain about the Cloud alternative, and how this isn’t really solving any problems financially or with software efficiency.

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